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EduTravel for Credit provides high school students in Ontario with a safe, fun and engaging learning experience while travelling the world.


Students earn transferable credits with the course content and assessments that connect directly to destinations, activities and workshops, guided tours, field studies, novels and readings.


Students gain experience in social/emotional development as they live, travel and study with peers, giving them a greater sense of independence and freedom and the ability to grow as global citizens.



Certified Teachers and Principals are hired to ensure student safety and to oversee the integrity of course instruction and assessment and to prepare students for their next level.


Programs feature extensively planned itineraries packed with both educational and recreational activities. Costs include all group excursions, ensuring everyone shares the same exciting experience.


We use a model that breaks away from the traditional classroom, giving students the opportunity to learn from new, first-hand encounters and make meaningful applications to the real world.


Each program covers all essential costs and all excursions, whether educational or leisure. We believe that each group should share the same experience.
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Educational Tours FAQ

Q. What are educational tours?

Educational tours are study trips made to provide immersive learning experiences that go above and beyond the traditional classroom. At EduTravel, our tours take students to exciting destinations that elevate the learning in a particular course, offering students the chance to explore new cultures and environments, resulting in a deeper learning experience that has real-world implications – all while earning high school credits and coming away with a lifelong love of learning and travel.

Q. What are the benefits of educational tours?

In short, deeper and more impactful experiential learning. Students gain an authentic understanding of the world on educational tours; hands-on learning encourages critical thinking and cultural awareness and often leads to a more passionate, exciting learning experience! Our tours have been built from the ground up to combine curriculum enhancement with adventure, leading to an engaging and memorable learning experience.

Q. What does ‘travel for credit’ mean?

Just like it sounds, it means that students get to travel the world while earning high school credits that will set them up for success and get a leg up on completing their Ontario Secondary School Diploma. These credits are universally recognized by school boards and private schools, and are a great tool to help students reach their academic goals. Think of it as a fun, exciting way to complete a high school education or add a credit to their transcript.

Q. Are student travel programs safe?

Our trips are the perfect combination of allowing students to gain a sense of independence and a taste for post-secondary life, while still being in a structured and safe environment. Safety is our number one priority. Each group is led by certified educators and follows strict safety procedures so that students are cared for at all times. Our educators and trip leaders are seasoned professionals who have often completed these trips dozens of times – you can rest easy knowing that your child is in good hands.

Q. What destinations offer trips?

You can choose from a variety of different destinations, each chosen for its combination of educational value as it relates to the course of study and excitement factor. From historical sites in Europe to beautiful vistas in South America, our student travel programs are highly curated to bring the subject matter to life and to offer something for everybody.

Q. How can I enroll in a travel for credit program?

Easy – visit our website, choose from our program options, and follow the enrollment process. Our team is ready to assist with any questions you may have.

Q. Do all student travel programs at EduTravel offer credits?

Yes! Every single one of our student travel programs offers high school credits crafted around ensuring students meet their learning objectives.

Q. How are the trips structured?

Our educational tours balance academic learning with cultural exploration. Each day includes educational activities, guided tours, cultural immersion opportunities and personal time for socializing and completing coursework.

Q. What support is provided during travel for credit tours?

During our trips, students get full support from Teachers, Teacher Assistants, Principals and Tour Directors, whether the help they need is academic, logistical, or emotional – we have amazing, caring staff members who support students throughout the trip.

Q. Is financial assistance available for Travel for Credit programs?

One of EduTravel’s core values is “total inclusiveness” which makes these programs equitable, accessible and inclusive. EduTravel offers an extensive bursary program that we run internally and offers thousands of dollars dedicated to assisting families that otherwise could not access our programs. No application that is submitted is denied funding. For a bursary application please email info@edutravel.com

Q. Does everyone get a good grade?

It’s important to remember that this is still school – the classroom may have the Colosseum as the backdrop instead of a blackboard, but the focus of our student travel programs is education. That said, students often find it easier to excel when on our trips. Why? We’ve found over the years that the lower student-educator ratio helps make sure that every child is given the appropriate amount of attention they need to help them learn concepts at their own pace. What’s more, educators can alter their teaching strategies to better meet their students and their preferred learning styles. And here’s something we all know – when learning is fun, it’s a lot easier to retain the information you’re acquiring. Reading about Darwin’s trip through the Galapagos Islands and actually setting foot on them are vastly different experiences, and experiencing it firsthand really helps connect students to what they’re learning, creating a tangible and memorable learning experience that’s far less esoteric and far more relatable.

Q. Why choose EduTravel’s educational tours?

We are Canada’s leading Travel for Credit operator for a reason. We have issued over 12,000 credits with an immaculate track record of safety and student success! EduTravel for Credit has years of experience creating experiences that blend academic excellence with breathtaking travel experiences and total cultural immersion – all supported by a dedicated team of educators who have a passion for the subject, the location, and teaching in general!

Q. Does EduTravel offer financial assistance?

At EduTravel, we are deeply committed to making sure our programs are equitable and accessible to everyone, regardless of differing financial situations. We embrace the principle of total inclusiveness and are proud to offer a comprehensive bursary program. This is key to making our educational tours equitable and open to all, providing substantial financial support to families in need. To apply for a bursary, please reach out to us at info@edutravel.com.

Q. How can I sign up?!

Signing up for an EduTravel program is a breeze! Simply visit the Contact Us page on our website for specific inquiries or join one of our free virtual information sessions to learn more about the programs we have on offer. At EduTravel, we are passionate about transforming the learning experience into a life-shaping, eye-opening, perspective-granting journey. Start your EduTravel adventure today by reaching out.

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